Shopify Collection Page

Personalized Collection Page on Shopify

Shopify empowers you to categorize products into collections, streamlining customer searches by categories. Custom collections allow you to create groups of products, enhancing your store’s navigability as you handpick specific items for each category.

Take control of your collections by implementing the following customizations:

  • Add or hide specific products
  • Edit attractive featured images
  • Tailor collection titles to perfection
  • Arrange product sort order for seamless navigation

If you’ve implemented a custom template for your collection page, you have the flexibility to set up a different template. Shopify’s bulk editing feature proves invaluable for efficiently managing large quantities of products and their properties.

Uplift your collection organization and refine your store’s presentation with Shopify’s versatile customization options. Efficiently create custom collections to suit your customers’ needs and improve their shopping experience.

Hide the Collection Page on Shopify

Maintain optimal organization in your online store by managing collections seamlessly. When you no longer wish to display a specific collection, you have two options:

Delete: Permanently remove the collection from your Shopify store.

Hide: Temporarily hide the collection from a sales channel without deleting it, ensuring it won’t appear in your collection menu.

Choose the approach that best suits your needs, preserving a clutter-free and well-structured storefront.

Use the Power of Shopify Liquid Templates for Collection Page

Explore the possibilities of Liquid templates for your collection page. Liquid, an open-source template language designed by Shopify, empowers you to enhance and modify your collections to align with your unique vision.

Within the collection.liquid code template, your collection page takes shape, presenting a grid of images, product names, and prices, beautifully listing all items within the collection.

With Liquid templates, you can effortlessly implement additional features, create attractive layouts, and customize your collection page to leave a lasting impression on your customers.