Shopify Small Task FAQs

1. What is exactly meant by a small task?

A Shopify small task encompasses minor adjustments and swift solutions for your online store. Any task that can be seamlessly executed within a one-hour timeframe qualifies as a single small task. With an accomplished and esteemed team, we have successfully tackled over 5,000 tasks, benefiting more than 500+ Shopify stores. Our commitment rests in delivering not only effective communication but also impeccable implementation, fortified by our profound expertise. Feel free to explore prevalent ideas for Shopify small tasks in this section or effortlessly share your specific requisites through our submission portal.

2. What is the minimum turnaround time for a small task?

The initial implementation of a small task requires a minimum turnaround time of 2-3 business days. Additional time might be necessary for revisions, addressing errors, and incorporating customized elements. The countdown for the turnaround time commences upon project confirmation. Following your purchase or task submission, you can expect a response from us within 1 business day.

3. What happens after I buy or submit a task?

Upon purchase or task submission, our team will respond within one business day for confirmation or clarifications. Once we have the necessary details and access, the task will be completed within 2-3 business days. After completion, you’ll be notified to review and share feedback (as per Terms & Conditions, feedback within 72 hours). Upon your satisfaction, the task will be marked as complete. Your contentment is our ultimate goal throughout this process.

4. I have a list of small tasks for my store. Can you guys do that ?

Yes, absolutely. Feel free to submit your entire list of tasks at once. This approach helps us evaluate feasibility and timeline efficiently. While we process one task at a time to prevent code conflicts and ensure your review before moving forward, you can compile smaller tasks in a Google doc, share a link, upload a file in chat, or email us at We’ll then provide you with estimated time and cost details promptly.

5. What if I am not satisfied with the task? Can I get a refund?

At MakeProSimp, we highly value every small task and job, dedicating ourselves to ensuring each task is executed to the fullest customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, if for any reason you find yourself unsatisfied, despite our best efforts, we provide a 100% refund following our refund policy. We kindly ask that you reach out to us before requesting a refund, so we have the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. Your feedback is crucial in helping us continually enhance our services.